All About Haley

Welcome!  I am Haley Rhoades.  I am a Mid-Western girl born and raised.  I am married with two adult sons.

My love of writing started early with poetry and short stories.  My love of reading started later in life with the invention of the Kindle app.  

I have written many things over the years in tiny spiral notepads and notebook paper.  I am finally focusing on digitally sharing with the world.

I love to travel.  My favorite food is peanut butter flavored anything.  I am addicted to Diet Pepsi, music, reading, and audio books.  My hobbies include: sports, concerts, travel, games, driving fast, and reading.

Confession:  I often make the facial expressions just like the characters I am reading about. (ex. raised eyebrows, she quirks her head, he tilts his head)  I laugh and cry as I read.  I feel with and for my characters.  I have been so frustrated at books, I have almost thrown my iPhone and iPad  at the wall.  This is the only time I long for traditional books. 

Favorite authors include: John Green, Dan Brown, M. Leighton, Cambria Hebert, Alice Ward, Alice Clayton, Olivia Cunning, Veronica Roth, C.M.Stunich, Melody Grace, H.M.Ward, J.Sterling, Bella Love-Wins, Terri Anne Browning, Jamie McGuire, Kiera Cass, Kristen Proby, J.S. Cooper, Sylvain Reynard, Cheryl McIntyre, Kendall Grey, Jennifer Foor, Sophie Monroe, Emily Snow, Kylie Scott, and many, many more.